WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


  • Q Why are there subtle differences in the first few puffs of e-cigarettes?

    A The ideal temperature for atomizing e-liquid is 200 degrees Celsius; the heating wire needs a process, about 0.5-1 second; at different temperatures, the degree of atomization of e-liquid is different, and the degree of resolution is also different. The volatilized water will come out first, and the temperature of the flue gas with a high moisture content will be slightly higher, so there will be slight differences in the first few puffs of e-cigarette liquid, please take a light puff or two to discharge, and then you can Inhale the burnt taste from the spice itself.
  • Q Can the data cable of the mobile phone be used to charge the e-cigarette stick?

    A The charging output voltage of each mobile phone is different, there are 3.7V and 4.3V, and the output voltage of electronic cigarettes does not necessarily match when charging, long-term use is easy to lose battery life, basically only use chargers designed for your device, please do not Feel free to swap products or chargers, or use the original charger for another device. If you want to use other chargers, please make sure the output voltage and current of the charger are suitable for your device, otherwise it may cause damage to the device and it will be very dangerous.
  • Q When smoking electronic cigarettes, why does the cigarette stick appear unresponsive?

    A Firstly, check whether it is turned on, whether the smoke body or the battery is charged, and whether the switch button is pressed when inhaling. Secondly, check whether the resistance value of the atomizer is normal, and the atomizer of 0.0Ω and 9.9Ω or less can be sure. Faulty atomizer, if the above problems are normal, it may be that the contact between the device and the atomizer is abnormal, the pod and the electrode of the smoking device are in poor contact, and the circuit cannot work due to an open circuit.
  • Q Why does the smoke choke my throat when I use e-cigarettes for the first time?

    A Electronic cigarettes are mainly divided into PG, VG, flavors and fragrances, and nicotine. PG and VG are healthy food additives. Flavors and fragrances mainly provide various flavors, and nicotine provides addiction relief and throat hit. What is the reason for the dry throat when smoking e-cigarettes for the first time? The main reason is PG. PG is also called vegetable glycerin. It is because of the smoke generated when electronic cigarettes are used. Water absorption is a characteristic of it. When we smoke repeatedly, it will cause the water in the mouth to be absorbed. The more we smoke, the more we absorb, so our throat will be very dry. The smoke produced by e-cigarettes and the smoke produced by paper cigarettes are two different forms of things. E-cigarette oil is atomized to produce mist-like substances similar to water vapor, while paper cigarettes are burned to produce smoke. When getting used to e-cigarettes in the early stage, you can use the method of "running smoke", inhale quickly and exhale quickly, and slowly adapt to the smoke produced by e-liquid.
  • Q Can e-cigarettes pass the plane security check?

    A It is no problem to bring vape juice and small electronic cigarettes not exceeding 100ml, and it is no problem to pass the security check, but it is only limited to carrying on the plane, not smoking, lithium batteries with an energy of no more than 100wh (watt-hours) can be carried with you, and the energy exceeds 100wh However, lithium batteries that do not exceed 16wh need to be approved by the airline, and no more than two lithium batteries with an energy exceeding 160wh are prohibited from carrying or posting. Battery capacity, but if the security check is upgraded in special events, bottles of e-liquid may not be allowed to be carried, but the small e-cigarettes currently on the market can basically be carried.
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