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Do you know the maintenance skills of these electronic cigarettes?
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Do you know the maintenance skills of these electronic cigarettes?

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Do you know the maintenance skills of these electronic cigarettes?

Everything in our daily life needs maintenance, and electronic cigarettes are no exception. Proper maintenance can reduce failures and prolong its healthy service life. Although many friends can understand some of its usage when buying e-cigarettes, most people are still confused about how to maintain them. Next, the editor will share with you some simple e-cigarette maintenance skills.

1. Electronic cigarette placement

When there is e-liquid in the atomizer, the cigarette holder should be placed upwards. When there is no e-liquid, it is relatively free, but it is best not to stand upside down to prevent the remaining e-liquid in the atomizer from flowing out. When you are not finished smoking, you can use the sealed silicone sleeve to go back to prevent the dust in the air from being adsorbed on the atomizer, causing the flavor of the e-liquid to be mixed with peculiar smell; at the same time, it also prevents the moisture in the air from entering the atomizer, thereby making the E-juice seeps out from the bottom of the atomizer under the action of gravity.

2. Battery Maintenance

The electronic cigarette must be charged for more than 4 hours before using it for the first time. Because electronic cigarettes also use lithium batteries similar to mobile phones, so be careful when using them for the first time! Lithium-ion batteries should be recharged as much as possible after they are fully used up. Once fully charged, the battery will not be charged halfway through, and it should be taken out within half an hour after being fully charged; when it is not used for a long time, it should be charged regularly to prevent the battery from being damaged due to low voltage. In addition, it should be noted that the single-puff smoking time should not be too long to prevent the lithium-ion battery from overheating and affecting battery life.

3. Oil leakage problem

Conventional atomizers generally have an air guide hole at the bottom to conduct air, but after a long time, a little e-liquid (which will not leak into the fuselage and cannot be felt outside) will overflow, which is normal. It is recommended to separate the lithium-ion battery from the atomizer every time you add e-liquid, and wipe it with a paper towel.

The maintenance work of e-cigarettes cannot be ignored. Friends can maintain according to the above aspects to ensure that the quality of healthy e-cigarettes does not decline and prolong their service life.

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